$1.8 Million Fund To Combat Aggravated Robberies

New Zealand retailers will get a $1.8 million fund to help small high-risk businesses combat aggravated robberies. Many have welcomed the government's new Aggravated Robbery Package, one of those being Retail NZ. “These small stores, which often provide a valuable community service without the cashflow to invest in expensive security systems, have been increasingly targeted by aggressive and sometimes armed criminals seeking to make off with high value goods,” explained Greg Harford, general manager for public affairs at Retail NZ. “Under the Government programme high risk stores will be able to apply for co-funding to install new security equipment such as alarms, fog cannon and other deterrence measures.This is good news, and we hope that it will discourage criminals and anti-social elements from undertaking their criminal acts.”

Retail crime is a serious issue that costs New Zealand close to $1 billion per annum. Aggravated robbery puts the health and safety of business owners, employees and customers at risk. The new funding is step forward towards dealing with this issue. "We know that petty crime is a gateway to bigger, organised and aggravated crime, and we think it's important that the Government and the Police also deal with petty criminals before their life of crime becomes aggravated."