New online store Midnight Label is for people that believe in the bewitching magic of midnight, when anything can happen. The founder, Angela Farrelly is building a modern and playful online boutique, that sources fashion and accessories globally and sells online. Created around the Cinderella fairytale, Midnight Label likes interacting with customers by asking what they would like to see in store, as well as collaborating with wholesalers and up and coming designers to bring new ranges on shore. The label is not about exclusivity but experience, and Farrelly’s long term goal is to collaborate with her customers on inspired new ranges. Farrelly is also building brand awareness offline with monthly pop-up events, helped by Flaunt PR. Midnight Label’s range is sourced from local designers and international wholesale accounts and are inspired by the modern women who works hard and plays hard. Farrelly wishes her brand to be exciting, regardless of fashion trends. She likens herself as a modern day fairy godmother, granting customers’ wishes  by asking them what is on their wish list and what they think of the ranges she is contemplating stocking.  For more information contact their agency at requests@disruptiveunicorns.com.