Sococo Superfood Skincare is a series of 100 percent Australian and 100 percent cruelty-free skincare products, based on organic coconut oil and its byproducts.

But that’s not all. The Company has extended its range to include beach towels. It’s no secret that round towels are the hottest thing hitting beaches this summer and with a simple innovation, Sococo is transporting them to the next level. The round poncho beach towel is fast becoming this season’s summer must-have.

“We’ve taken the round towel and turned it into a striking, multipurpose garment that functions not only as a towel, but as a poncho too,” says Sococo co-founder Hayley Johnston.

Sococo’s round towel depends on an ingenious innovation in the form of an aperture to form a poncho. It doubles up as instant sun protection, wind breaker and private, portable change room.

“The beauty of the round poncho towel is that it leaves both hands free. Slipping in and out of one’s cossie has never been so easy,” said Johnston.

Sococo prides itself on facilitating good health in combination with cutting-edge fashion. Taking inspiration from runway-ruling designs for 2015-16, the company’s round poncho towels sport a mix of geometric patterns and tribal prints. Bright orange - dubbed the season’s new black - swims alongside aqua marine, conjuring up brilliant visions of a lush, tropical paradise.

With a Sococo round poncho towel in hand, a beach-goer no longer has to worry about the elements.

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