From a glance she looks like a normal 2018 female influencer on Instagram, look a little closer and you realise Miquela Sousa is actually a virtual avatar. Check out her Instagram handle if you don't believe us,Β @lilmiquela.

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Based in LA, Sousa is a 19-year-old Brazilian/Spanish model and musician who uses her channels to display various images of herself and support social causes including Black Lives Matter and transgender rights. Currently sitting over 535,000 followers on Instagram, her debut single Not Mine reached number eight on Spotify Viral in August.


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The computer generated influencer refuses to reveal who is behind it all. "I'd like to be described as an artist or a signer or something that denotes my craft rather than focus on the superficial qualities of who I am," said Sousa. Highly engaged with her audience, she has already been featured in Area (a New York-based fashion brand) and Paper Magazine.

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