Winter fashion is set to be cosy for consumers.  Puffer jackets are trending with a vengeance, as part of the norm-core aesthetic which has taken over high-street fashion, but these aren’t the one your mum made you take on camp in 2008...

Unlike many trends, the puffer jacket trend has a huge scope for designers and merchandisers, as there are many versions of the trend and looks which appeal to different consumer groups.  Some aspects of the trend which are important are the length and cut, thickness, and colour of the jacket which work together to set the style.  Main consumer groups which this trend appeals to are younger, high-street brand wearing consumers who will purchase the trend at a lower price point, more mature consumers who are fashion-conscious but enjoy the comfortable nature of the trend and will purchase at a low to mid price point, and high-fashion followers who will purchase more stylistically unique variations of the trend at a higher price point.  

Varying in weight and thickness, puffer jackets can have a more padded look, an aesthetic which generally appeals more to younger consumers, and has more of a streetwear edge.  This also appeals to the high-fashion consumer, especially if teamed with an unusual or voluminous cut.  This segment of consumers are not as concerned with practicality, and puffers are popular in waterproof and non-waterproof variations.  

Conversely, thinly padded puffers are also on-trend, although these jackets typically have a slimmer line and more conservative, classic cut.  Puffers of this kind appeal to the slightly more mature consumers who have a more conservative approach to fashion.  Padded sleeveless gilets are also on-trend with these consumers, who are willing to pay a higher price for more waterproof fabric, and high-quality down filling.  However, for the more fashion forward consumers, a wide, dramatic cut will be more appealing.  At the high-fashion end of the spectrum, puffers which go past the waist or even to the knee are popular.  

In terms of palette, there is a huge variety, with lots of options for designers.  Black puffer jackets are typically utilitarian, with conspicuous use of toggles and pockets, while brightly coloured puffers are more simple in terms of design.  Match the colour of your puffers to the rest of your winter collection, or play with colour and let it become a statement piece.  

Puffers and padded jackets have been seen on a bevy of street style stars all through Paris Fashion Week as well as celebrity influencers, and is set to be the top-selling coat style for winter.