Another cultural appropriation scandal

The fashion industry has been rocked by yet another accusation of cultural appropriation with luxury brand Gucci taking the heat yet again.

The Italian brand has been criticised for an accessory in their fall 2018 collection, the Indy Full Turban, which bears a strong resemblance and was undoubtedly inspired by religious headwear of the Sikh culture.

While the product no longer appears on the brand’s e-commerce website and has been renamed to the Indy Full Head Wrap on various e-retailers sites, the public’s opinions of the brand have remained unchanged.

The Sikh Coalition made a public statement expressing their disappointment in the fashion house. “The Sikh turban is not a fashion accessory, but it’s also a sacred religious article of faith. We hope more can be done to recognise this critical context,” read a tweet from the organisation.

This is not the first time Gucci has been criticised for inappropriate releases. A sweater bearing a strong resemblance to ‘blackface’ artwork was removed from their stores following accusations of racism only months ago. However, it seems that the brand is yet to learn from their mistakes.

No statement has been released from Gucci.