They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but luxury brands would agree to disagree in regards to their fake counterparts.  A new scanner, Entrupy, has been developed which can deduce what is real and what is fake to a high degree which is not visible to the human eye.  The scanner is portable and uses microscopic photos to analyse the quality of the outer material, craftsmanship and serial number, transmitting the images to an app on smartphones.  This then issues a Certificate of Authenticity to the user if the bag is the real deal.  Entrupy has a staggering 97.1% rate of accuracy, meaning this could be a key investment for vintage stores re-selling luxury goods, or for consumers who collect vintage luxury items.  With re-sale vintage commanding staggering prices, and imitation goods constantly increasing in quality, Entrupy is set to disrupt the imitation market, and protect luxury goods.