Bonds’ Re-Loved Campaign

Lifestyle brand Bonds has launched a new project which will contribute to the industry’s growing focus on sustainable production and reduced waste.

RE-LOVED is the name of the label’s latest collection, which consists of sweats and shirts manufactured from outcasted trimmings. “Each piece of apparel includes yarn blended using recycled cotton fabric off-cuts, so what was once destined for the landfill is now re-loved,” read a statement from the brand.

The range includes styles for both men and women, and each item uses a minimum of 30 percent recycled cotton in their designs. Much of the collection has a denim-inspired look to it, but without sacrificing their sustainable message. The brand has used Indigo dye, made from fermented leaves of the Indigofera plant, to colours their clothing, ensuring environmentally friendly practices radiate throughout the whole collection.

“The Re-Loved range echoes Bonds’ greater commitment to a kinder future. We are not 100% there yet but we are making changes and are committed to continuing working towards zero waste,” said the brand’s marketing manager Emily Small.

So far, the brand has recycled over 9.5 tonnes of cotton fabric cut-offs with the launch of their new range. Key items from the collection include hoodies, track pants and t-shirts.