Director Travis Knight’s latest instalment of the beloved Transformers empire, Bumblebee, follows alien machine Bumblebee taking refuge in a junkyard in California. It is here that he is discovered and revived by a feisty 18-year-old girl, Charlie Watson. Drama and action ensue when the two encounter dangerous enemies who want to destroy the friendly robot.

Costume designer Dayna Pink has worked on many of Hollywood’s biggest titles including Crazy, Stupid Love and the 2017 film Baywatch. Her fresh take on fashion in this well-loved action franchise was a welcome addition. Style in the previous titles under the Transformers genre has been somewhat lacking, and female leads have been depicted as sex objects, dressed unnecessarily scantily and offering no real substance to the film. Bumblebee moves against this trend with lead actress Hailee Steinfeld being dressed both appropriately for her characters age and period without compromising on her unique spunk. Living in the 1980s, Charlie wore baggy t-shirts, combat boots and dark denim, completing a punk look classic of the time. Her dark eyeliner and wristbands added the final touch and tied together the throwback ensemble. Bumblebee had a whole new look as well; the alien-robot’s incognito mode was a bright yellow Volkswagen to fit with the 80s theme.