Burberry Shutters Flagship

British luxury group Burberry has committed to a massive reshuffle and revamp of their global services. The changes include the shuttering of a selection of their outlets in Mainland China, with the most recent closure being that of their flagship store in Shanghai.

Four closures have taken place over the last eight months in one of the brand’s most central markets, puzzling many onlookers. However, the brand has insisted that this drawback is a part of a larger scheme to revamp their global strategies rather than a sign of internal struggles.

A spokesperson from Burberry released a statement re-affirming the brand’s commitment to the Chinese market as well as their international sales. “China is a hugely important market for Burberry and we are fully committed to growing our business there,” they explained. “We are making some of our biggest investments in Shanghai where we recently refreshed our flagship store at Kerry Centre and we will open two new stores at IFC Mall and IAPM Mall in the coming months. This strengthens our presence in Shanghai, a key luxury shopping destination, and we are excited to welcome our customers to these new locations.”

How this new strategy will play out is uncertain, as responses to the pullback have mostly been that of confusion. Loyal customers are awaiting a much larger announcement to make sense of the brand’s action plan.