Jes Chang grew up as ‘a third culture kid, getting the best of both worlds.’ Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Chang moved to Auckland where she spent her childhood steeped in influences from both cultures.

Like many designers, Chang had loved fashion design from an early age - initially enamoured by the magical moment when she transformed a 2-dimensional design to a real, tactile garment. Despite having a career in fashion as her Plan B, Chang studied a Bachelor of Fashion Design at AUT, majoring in womenswear. After graduation, it seemed like a natural step for Chang to combine her love of fashion and her love of people, to create her ethically-focussed label.

Underpinning Children Of Promise is a desire to empower consumers and support the local community. In an age of disposable fashion, Chang is rising above the noise, encouraging consumers to invest in quality clothing which they can wear for years. Her timeless designs are made with versatility and trans-seasonality in mind, so her customers have good quality, effortless garments which are wardrobe staples.

Ethics and sustainability are a vital part of Children Of Promise. While Chang does enjoy manufacturing her designs when possible, Children Of Promise has grown rapidly, and the demands of designing and marketing the line have meant Chang has had to outsource production. Working closely with a local machinist in Wellington has been rewarding for Chang, as she knows her garments are being manufactured in an ethical environment and in a way which is supporting her local community. Children Of Promise is made from natural and biodegradable fabrics, which offer the best comfort for wearers and minimal environmental harm. Additionally, Children Of Promise gives 10 percent of the profit of every garment sold to a local charity, an inspiring commitment for a small, growing brand - and one that many larger brands could do well to pay attention to.

Looking to the future, one of Chang’s goals is to dress influential women in Children Of Promise. While retailing directly to consumers via her website has been great thus far for Children Of Promise, Chang would like to have the label stocked in local boutiques and department stores, as well as overseas.