There is a new trend in the cosmetic market. Manufacturers are investing in packaging innovations in order to stand out among competitors and capitalise on the current demand for high performance and photo-ready makeup. Cosmetic consumers are looking beyond the performative aspects of their makeup products. Attractive packaging and unique packaging technologies are among the new features consumers are placing priority on. Global Data’s Research director for consumers, Sumit Chopra, commented on this new trend. “Time-pressed, as well as image-conscious consumers are increasingly looking for more convenient, user-friendly packaging formats that fit with their busy lifestyles. Brand owners are responding to these changing consumer needs and making the most of packaging to enhance the consumer's brand experience.”

Manufacturers are adapting their services to fit this new trend, making their brand worth paying more for in the eyes of their image-conscious consumers. Yuijahui Co. launched a disc-shaped lipstick which, through its unique packaging, could be applied by pressing your lips to the disc rather than drawing on the colour. Providing a unique and convenient solution to application on the go. This new product demonstrates the merging of packing functionality with successful functionality, and aptly represents this new market trend.

"Manufacturers will continue to innovate with new formats, designs and value-added packaging features for cosmetics and toiletries that enhance user experience," concluded Chopra. "Additionally, the consumer desire to reduce household wastage from packaging will spur manufacturers to focus on sustainable packagings, such as recycled materials and paperboard, as well as biodegradable plastics."