Cotton On Group throws support to factory workers

With factory worker's rights an issue on the tip of many consumer’s tongues, vertical Australian company Cotton On Group have commenced a partnership which will help to combat these problems.

The brand has teamed up with CARE Australia, an aid organisation which fights against poverty and inequality for people around the world. The pair have launched a new program which will provide education and work for those in Bangladesh, assisting them with developing their industry knowledge and career standings. 2,200 garment factory workers and team leaders will be provided with the training needed to create a stable and positive work environment.

The training is split into four categories Foundation Training, Advanced Training, Supervisor Training and Management Training. There is a focus on the empowerment of female workers in the programme, which first launched in last month, and will continue in the coming years.

Sally Moyle, CEO of CARE Australia released a statement celebrating their collaboration with Cotton On Group. “Australian businesses have an important role to play in improving the lives and rights of women in their overseas supply chains. It’s wonderful that the Cotton On Group shares our vision and is increasing its investment in this work."