Deadly Ponies are releasing a beautiful new collection which has its origins in philanthropy.  Their 'Pearlies' collection is inspired by the mother-of-pearl button embellishment made iconic by London charity workers, The Pearly Society.  The Pearly Society came about through Henry Croft, who started out life as an orphaned street sweeper in 18th Century London, and collected lost mother-of-pearl buttons which he sewed onto a suit, in a pattern which is now replicated and celebrated by The Pearly Society.

Deadly Ponies' Pearly collection features new versions of classic styles Mr Teddy and Mr Porter, as well as new style 'Lucky Charm'.  The bags will have hand-stitched pearl buttons in a diamond pattern, as well as in a striking horse-head insignia.

In honour of the charitable origins of the collection, all the proceeds of the 'Lucky Charm' bag will go to Lifewise, an organisation which works to house the homeless of New Zealand.