Ema Frost

Ema Frost welcomes consumers into a vibrantly magical world of art, fashion and homeware. The mediums that give life to her work are as varied as the art itself.  Her characters can be found on cushions, lampshades, stools, cell phone covers, T-shirts as well as greeting cards, framed prints and ceramics. They even made a debut appearance at this year’s Auckland Fashion Week. Frost is also to release a stamp collection, just in time for the mad Christmas card send off.

The colourful land of Frost’s imagination is inspired by the legends and mythologies of Maori and Japanese folklore, with which Frost has been enthralled with since childhood.  She marries the two cultures with harmonious cohesion giving her work its signature dreamlike style. Frost’s art is multi-dimensional and far from ordinary.  Looking closely at her work, one notices that nothing is as it seems. Her images are brimming with life that jumps out from the page when you know where to look.

Be sure to keep abreast with the charming world of Ema Frost by following her on Facebook or checking out her websitewww.emafrost.co.nz.