Fashion Access 2017 took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, and was visited by close to 10,000 people - 20% more than 2016.  The trade show featured athleisure and sportswear, trends which are riding a global wave of popularity amongst a variety of demographics.  This year there was a considerable focus on the 'Silver' shopper, the retired person who has significantly higher spending power than those in the generation before them, which is set to become a significant purchasing force for many fashion and retail businesses.  Many of the exhibitors at Fashion Access 2017 were Japanese, as increasing amounts of small Japanese companies are looking to distribute internationally as the Japanese population is shrinking.  Fashion Access puts significant effort into supporting young, up-and-coming designers from all over the world, with the Best of APLF Awards awarded to Alice Martha, a Korean brand of handbags.

The organising force behind Fashion Access is APLF Ltd, a joint venture by SIC Group and UBM Asia.  UBM Asia is based in Hong Kong, with outposts throughout Asia and in America, and are the leading organiser of trade shows in Asia.  SIC Group were established in 1926, and have been organising business to business events in the leather industry since then.  SIC Group aids business development and growth, and has a plethora of knowledge about the leather industry which helps it run it's four yearly shows.

Fashion Access 2018 will take place from 14-16 March 2018, and will feature a new section - Cashmere World.  Visit for more information about visiting or exhibiting.