Fashion Elites are becoming vloggers

Two big names in fashion have turned to a new platform to share their expertise. Both Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell have started a personal vlog channel whereby they tackle the ins and out of fashion and industry.

Beckham has teamed up with YouTube fashion and beauty director Derek Blasberg for her channel, which has already amassed over 20,000 subscribers. Beckham posted a short clip promoting her videos on Instagram, where she revealed the content would vary from styling tutorials to makeup tricks and fashion insights. Her channel is launching off the back of the greatly successful British Vogue videos “Decade of Elegance” which celebrated her brands’ 10th anniversary.

Campbell’s channel reveal came shortly after Beckhams, the supermodel and Vogue contributing editor announcing the upcoming launch of her ‘Being Naomi’ in the same week. Campbell’s series will vary slightly from Beckhams, as she delves more into her personal life including her journey as a business woman, activist and how she has adapted to living life in front of a camera. She has released a lineup for her upcoming videos which include a live stream of South Africa’s Global Citizen Festival on December 2nd and a feature entitled ‘My Journey’ on December 13th.

Beckham and Campbell are already big players in the fashion industry, and their journey from fashion elite to vlogger is following the opposite trajectory we are used to seeing. Vlogs have certainly become a powerful platform in the fashion industry. With popular influencers gaining millions of followers, it has become common practice to see popular influencers integrated into the larger fashion industry. Such as Lisa Eldrige whose makeup tutorials gained the attention of beauty giant Lancome where she now works as a creative director and has collaborated on a range of exclusive makeup lines with the company. Vlog channels have been used most commonly to launch peoples fashion careers, so it is interesting to see those with already established positions in the industry returning to this platform.

The outcomes of Beckham and Campbell’s respective channels will likely predict the future of this trend. Should they be successful, it is possible we may see other industry leaders follow in their stride, and take up a more personal and direct conversation with consumers. This trend is certainly one to keep your eye on.