The scandal of the fashion industry this week is undoubtedly the shockingly candid interview from Lucinda Chambers, who was fired after being British Vogue's Fashion Director for 25 years.

The article was posted on Vestoj, which is an academic journal in the fashion industry, subsequently taken down then re-uploaded. After that, it was edited, at the request of Condé Nast's lawyers, but screenshots remain. The sections which were edited pertained to Chambers' depiction of her firing, which she said 'took three minutes'.

Chambers was open about the fact that she hadn't read Vogue 'for years' and felt that fashion print media was no longer useful, merely selling people irrelevant clothes they didn't need. Also featured was Chambers' opinions on the power structure within the fashion industry, which increasingly is lead by business people who try to control the creatives for profits. While the fashion industry tends to be all about the glossy, ideal life, Chambers' comments are a breath of fresh air and show the honesty of a woman who isn't afraid to fail or express an alternative opinion.