Forever 21 are getting sued. Again.

Adidas have previously taken the fast fashion giant to court for using their iconic three stripe design, but Forever 21 are at it again, with 'confusingly similar' designs. This time Adidas claims that Forever 21 have gone even further, and are selling 'repurposed' Adidas items which are actually counterfeit. The latest lawsuit is not just regarding Intellectual Property, but also Breach of Contract - the contract being the result of their previous settlement with Adidas.

Forever 21 have lodged a complaint about Adidas, calling the company a 'bully', and saying that Adidas' trademark prohibits companies from creating clothing with stripes. Forever 21 have also claimed that they have never reached a contract with Adidas.

In a climate where brand-names and logo mania is back in fashion, and plagiarism is thick on the ground, this debacle illustrates just how far fashion giants will go to maintain originality, and piggyback a trend popular with consumers.