Here at Apparel, we are low-key obsessed with Gucci, and the innovative designs of Michele Alessandro.  One of his designs which has become a street-style must-have for any Instagram influencer worth their followers is the vintage-inspired logo t-shirt from the Resort '17 collection. In a shocking move last week, Glassons dropped a t-shirt which is a direct copy of Gucci, even going so far as to reference Gucci in the online description of the shirt!

The t-shirt displayed the same logo as the Gucci shirt, except instead of 'Gucci', it spelled 'Hucci'.  The online description declared 'Not Gucci - Hucci.'  The t-shirt was met with instant backlash, which was widespread.  The lack of creativity, and obvious copycat nature of the product bothered many consumers - and could run the House of G into legal issues, as has occurred with many fast-fashion copycat companies before them.  While runway trends catch on, and consumers do hunger for cheaper versions of trending styles, all-out copying is still awkward and frowned upon. Another complaint of consumers was the insult caused to consumers who had saved hard to purchase the original t-shirt from Gucci. They complained that the Glassons version cheapened the original Gucci version by comparison. Other consumers pointed out that there are already high-quality bootleg versions of the Gucci t-shirt available which sell at markets, and producing this t-shirt was pointless.

The Glassons version has been taken offline, and out of stores, and Glassons have not yet released a statement. This incident poses an interesting question - namely, what will happen to the large amount of 'Hucci' t-shirts which are presumably sitting in a Glassons warehouse somewhere?  Will they be donated or recycled?