Gucci's sustained success is an intriguing sight in high fashion, with strong profit streams as well as a continued artistic thought which designer Michelle Alessandro has blended into an extended multi-seasonal collection. How has this come about? CEO Marco Bizzarri explained some of the secrets behind the brand's success at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit.

His management priority is ensuring his 11,000 employees can exercise creativity, regardless of their actual business role. This gave the corporate culture more positive, optimistic feel which could not be achieved simply by sending an email. Secondary to this, Bizzarri implemented a 'bottom-up' feedback approach, which gave employees at every level of the organisation an opportunity to give feedback to the top executives on operations and procedures which could be improved. Results from this new approach included less waste in leather good production. Bizzarri's real secret weapon comes in the form of Millennials - namely a shadow executive committee who advise him and give him their unique perspectives. This has been a key component in Gucci's success with the Millennial audience.

Unfortunately, according to Bizzarri, the success at Gucci (namely 49% growth in a single quarter) will be difficult for other brands to replicate due to timing and momentum, which were also important factors. The atmosphere and aesthetics in fashion have shifted since 2015 when Bizzarri and Alessandro took over the reigns at the Italian heritage house, which helped Gucci's explosive growth. However, Bizzarri's management and leadership style can undoubtedly benefit fashion brands looking to improve processes and creativity.