Shocking allegations have been made about Kering's newest (and most hyped) eyewear offering under the Gucci brand.  Selima Optique Inc., who operate a line of eyewear boutiques with stores in France and America alleged in court that Kering was using a 'switch-and-bait' scheme, and claiming their Gucci eyewear was made entirely in Italy, when parts were actually made in China.

Kering has denied the allegations, and stated that their eyewear is entirely made in Italy and labelled truthfully.  The applicable legislation is the Italian 'Made In Italy Law', which was enacted in 2009 and ensures products labelled 'Made In Italy' must be made from scratch; planned, manufactured and assembled, within the country's borders.  This means products made in other countries, and shipped to Italy for assembly cannot be labelled Made In Italy.  Selima alleges they were made aware of the mislabelling when they received an order of YSL sunglasses which were marked 'Made In Italy' on one side and 'Made In China' on the other.

According to Selima, Kering responded by calling this a manufacture mistake, and the side of the sunglasses stamped 'Made In China' was actually part of a Puma style which had been erroneously affixed to the YSL design.  This incident was what prompted Selima's enquiry and legal action, and they claim that the presence of Puma Eyewear parts in a factory producing YSL Eyewear indicates that the Kering owned brand had to have been in a Chinese factory for the incident to occur.

Selima has also brought legal action against Kering for reasons of unfair competition and deceptive trading.  Selima hopes to continue retailing Kering goods from their stores.