Louis Vuitton are known for shaking things up with their high-profile artist collaborations, and their latest collaboration with Jeff Koons has garnered a lot of attention.  The Masters Collection features iconic artworks, replicated on classic Louis Vuitton bags, and embellished with the masters' names in gold lettering.  Koons is basing the collaboration on the idea of connectivity, and uses the bags as a representation of the culture and collaboration which came before us.  Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH, allowed Koons complete creative authority.  The collaboration with Koons is said to be ongoing, with a focus on Western pictural art, this collection focuses on the Italian Renaissance, and is only the beginning.  The collection features around twenty bags, and matching accessories - mainly scarves and key chains.  Each different design is available in a variety of classic shapes, and with a matching leather trim.  The paintings are overlaid with the LV logo, and Jeff Koons' initials in the same typeface and set.  Due to the Mona Lisa's extreme protection at the Louvre, under plexiglass and with a metre between the painting and the viewer, the Louis Vuitton bags show the Mona Lisa in more detail than most people will see in their life.  The bags feature a biography and portrait of the master on the interior of the bag.

The launch of the collection was held at the Louvre, and attended by a plethora of celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Williams, Miranda Kerr and Léa Seydoux.