Kathmandu enters a new age of multilevel communication

Kathmandu has taken a giant leap in improving workers conditions. The retailer has adopted the social channel WeChat as a method for receiving and reviewing workers complaints and recommendations for their supply chains in China.

This change comes as Kathmandu’s latest move to improve the conditions of their supply chain workers in China as their prior attempts and engagement had been lacklustre. Previously, employees were given an English email address for them to lay complaints with, but this was their only method of multilevel communication and proved insufficient. Kathmandu modernized their communication system with the distribution of a QR code via WeChat to overseas factories. When scanned, the code sent workers to an online portal where they could submit anonymous complaints which would be immediately received and addressed by staff monitoring the server.

This new system was implemented in the travel gear retailer’s last financial year and has proved a popular arrangement among their workers. In a climate of shocking human rights violations in Chinese distribution centres, Kathmandu is utilizing modern technology to provide a safe and efficient work environment.