Huffer is a quintessential streetwear brand and this year’s show was all about communicating the essence of the label to an international audience. Hair for Huffer’s runway was youthful, effortless and natural – finished to look clean and fresh. With a centre part tucked behind the ears, it showcased the individual in a utilitarian manner.

To create the look, Redken Artist Richard Kavanagh first applied a drop of Beard and Skin oil to the ends of the hair for flexibility and softness and misted a small amount of Rootful throughout the rest of the hair. For extra reinforcement in fine hair, a light mist of Fashion Waves around the front helped with control.Kavanagh then parted the hair in the middle and blow-dried thoroughly with a medium round brush for polished and soft movement. He completed the look by raking through the hair with fingers and tucking behind the ears.

For the makeup; looking on-trend, M.A.C. Cosmetics worked with Huffer at New Zealand Fashion Week on this stylish street look. Inspired by Brooklyn street graffiti, M.A.C. created a unique lip on their models that added a splash of colour to the otherwise natural look. A refreshingly casual-style, the models looked amazing on the runway.

The Key Products:
Face: Softening lotion and Waterweight Foundation used as needed. Buff Groundwork Pro Longwear Paint Pot into cheeks. Press Pearl Cream colour base into the high points of the cheekbone and press a small amount of Shine Mixing Media over top.
Eyes: Press Shine Mixing Medium on to lids.
Lips: Prep lips with Sweet Vanilla Lip Scrubitious lip scrub. Line the lips with Mahogany lip liner. Mix Dionysus and Double Fudge Liptensity lipsticks and apply all over lip, softly blur the edges with a #231 brush. Blot down shine on lips with Prep & Prime translucent powder. Create a neon splatter across the lips with Magenta Madness pigment mixed with water-based mixed medium.