M.A.C’s Strip Down campaign.

M.A.C is celebrating the beauty of nude colours with their latest campaign: M.A.C Strip Down. The intense variety of looks one can achieve with nude colours is highlighted in this campaign, which was led by the brand’s senior artist Kiekie Stanners.

“Choosing a nude lipstick doesn’t have to mean a shade that is neutral to your own lip tone, it can be as soft or as deep in colour tone as you like for it to still be a nude lip, what’s important is to ensure the undertone matches with your own skin tone for the perfect shade,” volunteered Stanners.

The new collection includes 18 new lipstick shades, bringing the brand’s total range up to 36, 6 new lip-gloss shades, bringing this collection up to 12, and a selection of pencils in new and existing colours. Items are arranged by skin tone and then into one of four undertone categories.

Nude lips can mean a different thing for different occasions, and M.A.C’s new campaign celebrates the diversity of this signature style.