Miss Crabb prepares to close their doors in 2019

Miss Crabb was a beloved New Zealand clothing line, launched in 2004 by Kristine Crabb, and was a must-visit store on Auckland's Ponsonby Road.

Crabb released a statement acknowledging her decision to shut down the business, explaining that she wanted to move her life in a new direction. “I'm just ready to do something different with my life and put my energy into my children, into my family and friends, and eventually a new career path as well,” explained the iconic designer.

Miss Crab has become a cult classic store for New Zealanders who wanted to indulge in fashion with an edge. Their designs encouraged singularity and freedom and utilized silks, linen and cotton in their collections. An array of A-list New Zealand celebrities have worn designs by the adventurous brand including Jacinda Ardern, Anika Moa and Lorde.

The brand has released their last collection which pays tribute to the beauty of the New Zealand landscape and embodies the same luxurious ease as her previous editions.

Miss Crabb will officially close its doors in March of 2019, and the founder has expressed her delight with the years of joy the store and her customers have bought her. “It's been the most amazing journey... it's much more than a fashion label, it's an art project, a state of mind and a culty family.”