With a scramble to enter the Miromoda competition in June, Reremoana Sheridan combined her love of home sewing and frequent market trips to develop a new fashion label, Motel Bible, which she will showcase at this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week.

She describes the brand as a mix of versatility and character, mindful of creating pieces that can be worn day and night through different seasons. The goal is to produce garments that have longevity, and will stick with the customer for an extended period. This is achieved through a subtle use of detailings paired with a muted colour palette as to aid in the versatility of wear.

“I want to build confidence in myself by showing at Fashion Week. It would be great if I could secure some stockists to build a relationship with and who can help me further build the brand,” said Sheridan.

Along with fellow designer AJ Bradley, Sheridan is currently in the process of opening a shared design space, The Slow Trade, to the public as a combined showroom and design studio alongside an online store post-Fashion Week.