MOVE TO ZERO: “It’s time.”

In an effort towards the footwear giant's move towards zero waste and zero carbon emissions, NIKE hosted a panel discussion for its goal Move to Zero. The panel included three professional athletes, Vashti Cunningham, Eric Koston, and Ibtihaj Muhammad, as well as Nike's chief sustainability officer Noel Kinder. As UN climate week begins, this discussion is perfectly timed, but despite the timing, the brand has been working towards its sustainability goal for quite some time.

Initiatives like Nike Grind have been converting waste for 25 years and is one of the oldest 'takeback' programmes in the industry. Noel Kinder stated in the panel that 75 percent of Nike products have some recycled content in them and the brand is only just starting to talk about its repurposed materials. "It's time," Kinder added. Their goal is to reduce its carbon emissions by 30 percent, across its global supply chain, by the year 2030. Committed to greener fuel methods throughout its logistics network, Nike has partnered with Clean Cargo Working Group and other groups to reduce their carbon footprint.

"It’s the fact that you got a group of industry peers, who are equally committed, to go on that journey together and solve these problems together," Kinder explained. "It demonstrates how if you’re dedicated to it and you integrate it in the way you produce product, you can reach scale and scale has an impact."