One of the hottest e-commerce destination site of the 2010’s, Nasty Gal, is in more hot water with customers following its acquisition by Boohoo.  The company had previously been plagued by reports of falling sales, internal disorganisation, lawsuits, claims of decreasing quality, and the site filed for bankruptcy protection in 2016.  The purchase by Boohoo was supposed to be a salvation for the ailing company, however the new management have faced problems as customers have found it impossible to get refunds cleared, faced poor customer service, and have in some cases had gift vouchers or credit written off.  Despite the fact that the acquisition included all the previous sales history of customers and their marketing preferences, some consumers have been met with claims that the company can not access their purchase history as a reason for not allowing a refund, or cancelling credit.  While store credit and gift cards are unsecure, and therefore the bottom of the list of people to pay in bankruptcy situations, Nasty Gal seems to be alienating many of their customers which may prove damaging to the company’s future.