New year, new job, new you – right?


Call in the troops! It’s time to get graduates on board. What better way to grow the industry than by bringing on some fresh talent. Got a position available? Let us know and we’ll feature it on our Recruitment section online.

New year, new job, new you, right?

Let’s talk about CV’s. Let’s be honest, while your impeccabababale spelling and grammatikal skillz are orsome, you have already shown that you are not a good fit for that marketing job you’re applying for. Same goes for adding in your star sign (yes, people really do this) or the use of language you don’t know how to use in conversation. Remember that what you did at school, all those co-curricular activities that Mum was proud of – don’t count. You can briefly mention your high school achievements if you were captain of a sports team (in your final year) or a prefect, that shows you are a good team player and leadership skills, particularly if you still play the sport. Keep your experiences relevant to the job. Don’t be afraid to keep it short and don’t be tempted to write a novel. It’s important to customise your CV and cover letter to each application, and to keep it to one page. Always provide references, and make that real ones. Don’t lie, don’t get your friends to provide references and if you are going to add a photo, make it a professional one, not one from Friday night drinks. No weird expressions, angles or filters. And please, please, please SPELL CHECK IT and then read it over.

Cover letters can be powerful. With lack of experience or education, a strong cover letter that reflects your personality, commitment and drive can get you the interview. Skills can be taught, personality can’t; and sometimes fitting into a team is more important than having a master’s degree.

Finally, switch your social channels and turn them to private. If you want them to remain public, at least give them a good scrub.


Every year I am impressed by the innovative concepts and designs coming through from our local talented students. See some of our favourites from this year’s graduating class starting on page 10. Congratulations 2017 graduates! We wish you every success as you begin your careers in this exciting, ever-changing industry.


Tragically, an HR manager was killed in a hit and run accident. As her soul arrived at the pearly gates, St. Peter welcomed her. “We would like to give you the opportunity to experience both heaven and hell so you can decide where you wish to spend eternity.”

The HR manager suddenly finds herself on an escalator descending to Hell. When she arrived, she found herself stepping onto a beach of fine white sand with deep blue water lapping at her feet. A bar with gorgeous waiters served her cocktails. Many friendly faces welcomed her and laughed together reminiscing. She even met Satan who was very friendly and not at all like the evil devil she had believed he was. The evening was filled with drinks, dancing and jokes. She had a wonderful time, but was quickly whisked away to sample Heaven. Everyone in Hell waved and smiled goodbye as she disappeared into the clouds. When she arrived in Heaven, everyone was sitting around, quietly chatting, playing harps. The HR manager joined in and while it was pleasant, it wasn’t as much fun as Hell. When her time was up, St. Peter joined her. “So,” he said. “Where would you like to spend the rest of eternity?” Without hesitating, she replied. “Hell, no question. Heaven is ok, but I think I’m better suited to Hell.”

St. Peter nodded and sent her down the escalator to Hell. She found herself in hot, dry, putrid smelling wilderness. For as far as she could see it was a wasteland filled with the stench of death. Everyone she met was now in rags picking up scraps to eat. Satan came up to welcome her. “I don’t understand,” she sobbed. “When I came before it was fabulous with a beach, drinks and a blue ocean. Now it’s a wasteland!” Satan looked at her and laughed: “That’s because yesterday we were recruiting you – now you’re on staff!”