Nike Adapt: Where Tech meets Fashion

Nike continues to combine innovation and style to their footwear collections, and their latest announcement is set to revolutionise the industry.

Their new product ‘Nike Adapt’ was unveiled by the group this past Tuesday, and the shoe combined style and technology in an entirely new way. The basketball styled footwear is battery powered and connects to an app which can control and adjust different settings, giving wearers a highly tailored and personalised experience. The app can change the colour scheme of the shoe as well as the ability to create a custom fit through a newly designed power lacing system. The wearer can loosen and tighten the shoe as they wear it, improving blood flow and comfort for both athletes and everyday users. The app also displays the remaining battery power of the shoe and sends feedback and reports back to Nike. The footwear comes with a charging pad, and the battery life is expected to last from 10-12 days.

The innovative technology presented in the Nike Adapt series is setting the stage for a new era for the footwear industry. One where brands push past previous limitations and are instead inspired by this age, where technology seems to be capable of anything. Wearers can control their footwear through this new technology, rather than merely recording data, as per the release of other tech inclusive ranges from other brands.
The series is set to launch on the 14th of February through the Nike e-commerce website, retailing at $350 USD.

This announcement and official presale was attended by a selection of professional athletes, including Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics, whose sports team will debut the shoes for a basketball game this upcoming week. The high-profile support for the new series speaks to both Nike's current standing as a leader of the footwear industry, and the potential reach of this innovative new design.