Intimates brand Nisa has a strong vision for their consumers and targets women who want to feel comfortable in their own skin and confident in the ethics of their purchases. “Our label speaks to the conscious woman, who believes in empowering and enabling people of all works of life to succeed,” explained Shannon Wray, Co-founder and marketing manager of the company. Nisa stocks a broad range of underwear and swimwear, bringing sustainability to their consumers without sacrificing on style, comfort or values.

The brand considers sustainability throughout their entire supply chain. From the organic cotton used to produce the garments, to the paper packaging used to ensure their New Zealand made garments do not contribute to the industry’s tremendous plastic waste, this brand has thought of everything. “Our target market is full of conscious women who give a damn about real life issues like sustainability,” articulated Wray. But social responsibility does not end with environmental issues, so Nisa is incorporating ethical practices to benefit their communities into their business model. “Not only do we produce our garments ethically, but we provide opportunities for a group of individuals who have faced significant hardship in their lives,” Wray added. Ethics and sustainability can be incorporated into any aspect of a brand, it all starts with wanting to make a difference. “Labels really need to look at the true cost. Monetary goals just don’t cut it anymore.”

Nisa’s focus on sustainable practices has had a big impact on their consumers. Nisa is stocked in retailers throughout the country, most of whom support New Zealand made goods, and they are catching the eye of like-minded consumers. “Most importantly our consumers are becoming more conscious of the true effects that the production of fashion is having on the world,” Wray concluded. Uplifting locals who are down on their luck and paying attention to the needs of our planet makes Nisa a fine example of sustainable excellence. “We are changing someone’s life one pair of underwear at a time. This is something that makes us really stand out in the market.”