Lela Jacob's New Zealand Fashion Week show was inspired by a snow tribe returning from the mountains to rest. The wild, tribal-inspired clothing was paired with snowy white makeup, which had a futuristic air. The skin was pale and luminous, perfected with MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in White. Layered on the planes of the face to give a glowing highlight was Cream Colour Base in Luna. Key makeup artist, Caitlin Lomas, then focussed on the eyes - with a pale coating of eyeshadow in Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Camel Coat. Covering this was Pearl Varnish Studio Eye Gloss. Lashes were coated with Pure White Chromacake mixed with an eyeliner mixing medium. To keep the look uniform and futuristic, models' lips were coated with Pearl Varnish Studio Eye Gloss which was both eery and ethereal.

Photography by Olivia Hemus for MAC Cosmetics