NZFW18: William Roper

A newly established brand named after the designer himself, William Roper will launch his first collection at New Zealand Fashion Week. Roper, who is fresh out of Ara Institute has always wanted to own his own business and believes now is as good a time as any to begin.

Still in the early stages of the pre-launch, he relies on himself and the empty space in his mum’s garage to bring his designs to fruition. Roper is hoping this collection will be stocked in stores around New Zealand by 2019 and is working on building the website.

Showcasing part of his graduate collection, Roper explained that the original and the adapted collection was heavily influenced by the Ancient Chinese expressions ‘under the heavens’ and ‘I Ching’. Summing up the inspiration for his designs, Roper reveals that it reflects dichotomies. Using examples of theoretical physics and philosophies to display two contrasting parts. Using tailoring and drape, Roper believes this represents the dichotomy that makes the two-contrasting whole.

The young designer highlights one of his favourite designs as the zero-waste reversible jacket that is printed on one side, allowing you to decide how to wear it.

After being asked to participate by the Head of Department at Ara Institute, he felt that it would offer great exposure for his brand and is “super excited to be a part of the graduate show.”