pumpkin patch shop front

Investment firm Alceon Group is reviving iconic children’s clothing brand Pumpkin Patch, with the clothing to become available through Ezibuy this year and a full brand re-launch set for July next year.

Pumpkin Patch closed both its online and physical stores in February 2017 after struggling to find a buyer. Catch Group quickly acquired it, with CEO Nati Harpaz stating that Catch Group looks at closing retailers as lost opportunities. “when Pumpkin Patch came along, we looked at it from an IP and brand point of view, as well as the database that comes with it, and we were really keen to do a deal there,” said Harpaz.

Alceon bought Pumpkin Patch’s remaining stock and intellectual property from Catch Group earlier this month, and is planning to re-launch in New Zealand before Australia. “The Pumpkin Patch brand has strong recognition in both Australia and New Zealand and its products are highly respected in the children’s wear markets,” said executive director Richard Facioni.

The company will be integrating Pumpkin Patch into EziBuy’s online and physical stores at the end of this month. Alceon would like to eventually re-open stand-alone Pumpkin Patch stores, but it doesn’t currently see a place to market the brand as an independent retailer.

Alceon is confident it can leverage its current resources to successfully re-launch Pumpkin Patch. The Australian private equity business also owns the SurfStitch, Noni B, EziBuy, and Cheap as Chips brands.