Do you think your dad has lots of ties? We can guarantee he doesn't have as many as this Oamaru woman. Irene Sparks is a tie collector (official term: grabatologist) with 21,321 ties and the Guinness World Record. The previous world record was held by Derryl Ogden, an American with 16,055. While Sparks attempted to keep count of the ties as she bought them, she got a bit confused as some of the ties she bought were the same, which doesn't count towards the record - as they all have to be different. But if you thought you'd get in and buy one of her ties as a Christmas present for the man in your life, you'll be out of luck - Sparks is not going to just give up on her collection. She hopes to use it to celebrate the 100th birthday of Parisian Knitwear, which is coming up this year. John Crompton, the managing director of Parisian Neckwear, attended the counting of the ties in Oamaru, and spotted a few Parisian gems amongst Sparks' collection.