Cobblers and leather repair specialists across Australia are looking at increased competition from a company which is being touted as the 'Uber' for luxury shoe and accessory repairs. The service is a concierge which rescues shoes and handbags, first collecting them from your home or office, then fixing them, and returning them to you. Beats going to a kiosk in the mall, right? The revolutionary new company is called Sole Service and offers cleans and shine, heel and sole replacements, shoe stretching, and even dying! Handbags get the same premium treatment, with options of strap, lining and leather repairs and zip replacements.

Sole Service's basic tips for shoe and handbag care can help your footwear live longer and remain in excellent condition...

  1. Pick up a Chux Magic Eraser to spot clean sports shoes and sneakers, and use as soon as stains start to appear - leaving it too late could be fatal!
  2. Keeping shoes safely stowed away in their boxes will avoid damage from other wardrobe items.
  3. Stuffing the toes of your shoes will help them keep their shape, but make sure the toes aren't touching!
  4. Shine, shine, shine! The polish is good for the leather and shiny shoes perfectly finish an outfit.
  5. Because of its high absorbency, leather should be professionally cleaned once in a while.  A professional can extract dirt and properly cleanse and moisturize them.
  6. Time is a key factor - whether it be in regards to stains, soles or cracks and splits.
  7. New soles can make all the difference in the world and will ensure the actual shoe and upper remain in good shape.