Bee venom is the skincare product du jour, a natural product which offers advanced hydration and anti-aging properties. Fernz has harnessed the power of bee venom and combined it with natural New Zealand Manuka Honey in their latest offerings - the new Fernz Bee Venom Mask and Fernz Magic Protein Essence. The two new products offer consumers everyday skincare which utilises the best local ingredients in order to cater to all skin types.

The secret to Fernz' products' effectiveness is their Apple Stem Cells and Hydraulic Acid which regenerate cells and produce more youthful, glowing skin. Their formulas also oxygenate pores while keeping moisture locked in the epidermis. In addition, they boost circulation and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, while bee venom supports elasticity.

The Fernz Bee Venom Mask is a creamy, twice-a-day mask which offers daily regeneration. The Fernz Magic Protein Essence is vacuum packed in a syringe for quality - the perfect skin pick me up for starting the day.