Soak Society

Natalie Thorogood grew up in Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. After that she lived in Sydney, Perth, Canada, Mexico and Brisbane. “I moved back to the Sunshine Coast around two years ago to be closer to family and because of the relaxed lifestyle it offers,” she added. Thorogood believes that working as a personal concierge for high-end clients for a few years and her Bachelor Degree in PR are staples in her entrepreneurial journey. Her interests include; yoga and pilates, practicing her Spanish language skills, health and wellness, and hip hop dancing.

Three years ago, Thorogood saw no local brands that created bath salts without synthetic fragrances that were at a great price point. “I launched the first product, our Originale wellness soak, and grew the range from there gradually, making sure that each new wellness soak was very different to the others,” she said. Thorogood loves imagining and trialling new bath soak blends, but she also loves the process of making a product by hand. Although she doesn’t make every single product by hand anymore.

Soak Society is Cruelty Free Accredited and Thorogood is a vegetarian, so for her creating vegan products was essential part of the brand. “No milk baths here!” Soak Society don’t use any synthetic ingredients and each product is all natural. Thorogood said she takes inspiration from a variation of places; from somewhere she visited for work or leisure, books she reads, podcasts – anywhere.

Soak Society’s team currently consists of Thorogood, production assistant Zita, and communications intern Isobel. “I love our small team and the flexible work environment we have,” she said. Thorogood’s role is varied and apart from new product development, she manages all of the social media, marketing, collaborations, and bookkeeping. Currently stocked in over 160 retail stores across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Moving forward, Soak Society is expanding their range and have an exciting product launch in June. “We will definitely expand internationally, and we would love to partner with luxury resorts in amazing locations.”