The Internet Is Killing Kiwi Retail But You Can Stop It

Wendy Thompson

High street and online retail has taken a huge hit in the New Zealand market, and fashion retail most of all. Living in our isolated paradise is a double-edged sword. Our beloved fashion brands and boutique stores are under real threat every day, competing with every online shopping site in the world.

And when a forceful global brand like Topshop can’t even survive in New Zealand’s busiest shopping precinct, eyebrows should be raised.

So what’s going to light a fire under consumers so they choose your brand over any of the thousands that are a literally at their fingertips?

Brand personality is key. Creating an aspirational, attainable and unique online presence will keep your brand top-of-mind ahead of competitors. Australian label The Daily Edited has nailed this and I want to share why their success story is relevant to your future, plus a Kiwi story that’s proof it works here.

TDE creates affordable luxury monogrammed leather accessories, from iPhone cases to pouches and bags, with capsule collections co-designed by the likes of model-celebs Hailey Baldwin. It has a fiercely loyal customer base that buys multiple items.

Yet, creating leather accessories is not an original idea. Nor is stamping them with a monogram. But co-founders Alyce Tran and Tania Liu’s must-have objects of desire brand is today valued at nearly $15 million.

How did they do it?

Simple: TDE built an online social personality.

The Daily Edited began life in 2011 as a blog and an Instagram account. The business then hit its straps in 2015. One of its most compelling draw cards for bringing fans back is the team’s prioritising of customer service and producing ever-evolving “fun and exciting” social media activity, culminating this year with a collaboration with Hollywood It-girl sisters Sistine, Sophia and Scarlet Stallone.

This could be your story. But you must be in the ring to have at least a fighting chance of this stratospheric level of success.

Doing social media well is simple, and learning how to create captivating content is fast, effective and will definitely grow your business. You’ll reach more customers, ace customer service 24/7, and reach out to brand-aligned influencers who’ll want to work with you.

Instagram Head of Fashion Partnerships, Eva Chen says “Fashion and Instagram are so intrinsically linked right now. I don’t know that one can exist without the other these days.” And the stats are staggering, with more than 200 million Instagram users following fashion accounts, because it makes them feel like they are part of the brand’s inner circle.

My mission is to supercharge Kiwi businesses, and my faith in social media to make it happen is so strong that I created New Zealand’s online learning program, Start Social. It’s where you can learn everything you need to know to smash social media and go global. I built it based on my years of experience working with Kiwi juggernaut brands like Spark in my business Socialites, and it’s designed specifically for small and medium businesses across every industry.

I know you’re busy. So this course is fast learn and has easy application to your real life brand. And it works!

Co-creator of Start Social’s content, Céline Chapman, owner and fashion designer of Céline Rita, not only put the entire program to the test, but she has been so successful in creating a desirable brand ahead of this summer’s wedding season, with more than 50 weddings booked in, that she’s had to turn off her social media strategy and Facebook ads. She’s all full up.

This could be you.

In Start Social you’ll learn how to create beautiful Instagram content and use the right hashtags, use Instagram Stories to instantaneously get people to click to buy from you, find influencers for your brand, create punchy, targeted Facebook ads that will work, and retarget content to people who have your brand in its purchase consideration set. Basically, Start Social will save you time in getting new customers, and definitely make you money.

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