Is there any brand which epitomises youthful rebellion more succinctly than Dr Martens?  It's de-boot-able.  The iconic British brand's second 2017 range is in stores now, and features classic styles as well as some new additions.  From 14 eyelet, embroidered boots, to on-trend sneakers, the range has options for every consumer and occasion - with the durability and practicality that made Dr Martens a cult item.  Innovative new technology has been incorporated into the soles of all their new designs, while the classic designs are still the top-notch quality we've come to expect from the brand.  Stylistically, Dr Martens are going from strength to strength, and embracing new consumers with offerings of everyone, including a wide range of ankle boots, brogues and sneakers which extend the brand past their rock-n-roll roots.