White Sneakers

White sneakers are so bad-ass, 'cause ladies love 'em, they’re so vulnerable, and because every drunk at a bar wants to step on them. They teach you how to take a good care of things and how to defend what's yours. They are your spiritual guide in this shaky world.

As for the fashion industry insider tips, I have only two words for you. ‘Easy’ and ‘safe’. That’s what white sneakers are for any retailer. Easy and safe. Those are magical words for all the parties involved in the process; from buying to merchandising to selling the product.

You see, a perfect pair of white sneakers is essential to every man's wardrobe. It is the spine of every casual outfit and the last resort when he’s in doubt about what to wear on his feet. It doesn’t really matter what he’s wearing; worn-out jeans and a t-shirt or taped trousers and a band-collar shirt. It’s hard to think of an outfit that would look bad when paired with these two white devils.

Now before you stock up, it might be a good idea to try out a few styles. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and simply imagine how these white sneakers would look with a slim cut contemporary suit. You know, the one with a shorter jacket and narrower trousers, a-la Hedi Slimane’s Dior. Now open your eyes and tell me what you think. Does it look like a good match? If the answer is ‘yes’, then move to the next imaginary outfit. Now, what's the furthest look away from the suit? That's right, a pair of shorts and a tee! What about now? Still looking good? Then you’re good to go!

Obviously, not a lot of people would wear both of these looks, but we are not aiming to dress everyone like this (haha, silly dreams!), we’re simply testing the ground. So, if your sneakers have past the trial, you’re pretty much sorted. Just buy the stock, merchandise it properly and wait. Easy money.

There are only few little things I wanted to mention. Whether you are an experienced menswear retailer or just a dude who’s trying to fill up the blank spot in his wardrobe, there are a couple of rules you’d need to follow when selecting a perfect white sneaker.

  1. Naturally, the colour has to be white.

There might be some slight colour variations (say, ivory would do), but generally the whiter you go the better. And it has to be solid white. Try to avoid the styles with different colours presented, whether it’s green stripes or blue shoe laces.

  1. Simplicity is the key.

Which means: no excessive features, no big logos, and no experimental designs. Essentially, you would want to get rid of all the fluff: zippers, holes, spikes, skulls, Swarovski crystals… I know, it pains me even to think about that. I LOVE my sneakers with Swarovski crystals, and golden chains, and blinking lights inside the sole. Alas, we all have to make sacrifices. In the end of the day we are all professionals here, exchanging industry insight, right? And this is a respectable editorial. So yeah, no crystals, please.

  1. Versatile shape.

Beware that it will not be easy to find one. See, there are so many variations of this iconic shoe out there, so many crazy designers with questionable taste,  so many wild and sometimes just bad ideas, that it might become a real mission to find or create (if you produce your own footwear) a perfect sneaker. But has to be done. For people rely on us. All you need is a bare, ascetic silhouette: low cut, round toe, shoe laces, and that’s that.

By Vlad Tichen
Stylist, Men’s Style Blogger