8+ Minute Skincare

When it comes to skin treatment, 8+Minute Skincare understands that beautiful skin and true radiance can only come from healthy dermal cells. Harnessing the power of nature, 8+Minute Skincare mixes nourishing ingredients with the latest technology to maximise skin’s natural strength. Did you know that dehydration causes 95 percent of skin problems? 8+Minute Skincare specifically chose hydrating facial masks as their first two products to solve this problem.

Blending natural, safe ingredients with the latest frontier technology, 8+Minute Skincare is committed to applying their scientific breakthroughs and advancements to their products.
Assuring top quality, their products contain a unique ID code that verifies the product is genuine. Independent testing and product inspection of their facial masks has met the ecological standard for ISO 17050-1 Certification by OEKO-TEX.

Their advanced formula uses hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance in the skin that has the capacity to attract and hold cast amounts of moisture. When skin is sufficiently hydrated, lines and wrinkles appear diminished. Leaving behind, younger, healthy-looking skin. Research also suggests that hyaluronic acid has antioxidant properties, which acts as a shield against free radicals from pollution and other aggressors.

8+Minute Skincare’s range features their Replenishing Hydration Mask, the Luminous Whitening Mask, a Goat Milk Rejuvenating Mask, the Ginseng Shampoo Anti-Dandruff, and their latest addition – the 8+Minute SYN-AKE Restoring Eye Mask. The SYN-AKE Restoring Eye Mask uses revolutionary sheet material which maximises the active ingredients in the serum. This patented biotechnology combines the antioxidants with natural fibres, Chitin and Vitamin C, much more than an ordinary cotton sheet found in other masks.

For more information or to become a stockist, email info@jemarose.co.nz or visit www.jemarose.co.nz.