A brief look at masculine shopping trends

A report titled “The Arrival of the New Male Power Shopper,” by First Insight, Inc., a global technology company suggests that male shoppers are starting to come out of their shells. The study showed that 53% of men reported shopping on Amazon six or more times a month, compared to only 45% of female respondents. Additionally, 60% of men said that their Amazon purchases have increased in the last year.

Greg Petro, CEO of First Insight, said “We are seeing a significant shift in shopping behaviour by men, which is shattering many age-old gender stereotypes. Men are now shopping more and increasing the frequency of their online and in-store purchases across the board. As we head into 2019, every retailer needs to shrug off the misperception that shopping is a female-dominated activity.”

On top of trends to shop more frequently, according to the report, men are now more willing to do price checks online and “shop around” compared to previous years. On top of this, many categories of traditional retail shops including luxury clothing stores, etc., are seeing the number of return customers becoming increasingly male, as opposed to female.

As our ability to analyse and record shopping data continues to develop, it will be interesting to see what the figures say about consumer behaviour.