Payment Express has supported the growing e-commerce and in-store trends in New Zealand by being the first e-commerce gateway and the local acquirer to support China UnionPay. This is Chinese consumers payment method of choice. Payment Express has also developed a proprietary bank to bank payment solution called ‘Account2Account’ that allows customers without a credit or debit card to make online payments to businesses in New Zealand and Australia. Payment Express provides a consolidation of multiple payment services allowing businesses to deal with a single company for all their payment needs. This helps eliminate cost centres, fail points and provides merchants with a reliable and scalable solution that helps their business grow. “We are the most widely integrated solution allowing merchants to integrate store and online and also use the same store solutions in overseas markets. For example, we’ve assisted multiple NZ businesses with their expansion into the USA and beyond,” explained Daniel Favier from Payment Express.

Andy Cullen is a software developer and founder of Payment Express. He developed various payment-related products in the late 1990’s. As an employee and contractor, Cullen developed software to solve problems for large corporates. With retailers adopting Windows PCs at that time, the inspiration was to take the bespoke systems and integration that only large retailers could afford and make a ‘shrink wrap’ product that benefits all retailers.

Their long-term goal is to invest in new payment technology, and markets as current technologies become commoditised. “More specifically to see the wholly owned USA division become recognised as the premier payments integration provider in that market,” said Favier.

The future of payment is always changing, especially with tech solutions such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and so on. All of which are reliant on the traditional credit card model, so it is unlikely they will entirely replace credit cards in their current state. However, the future does lie in mobile wallets. “So whether the transaction model moves to blockchain technology or continues with the current credit/debit links, Payment Express will be at the forefront of the industry, driving connectivity in NZ and abroad.”

Payment Express provides a unique unified commerce solution which allows businesses to view their customers across channels. By being able to tokenise cards in-store, merchants can recognise those cardholders when they shop online through a Payment Express gateway or at different store locations in NZ or around the world.

For more information, visit www.paymentexpress.co.nz.