Accessory Alert | Jasmin Sparrow’s New Collection

New Zealand jewellery designer, Jasmin Scott, is the founder and designer of her jewellery label Jasmin Sparrow. Scott has always intertwined her past and present collections together. Each piece crafted to be mixed and matched with those that have come before. No design is forgotten as new releases emerge.

As Scott designs her latest collection, she turned to the materials she already had on hand. Scott was inspired by the idea of a collection that felt new and dynamic while still being intrinsically linked to its predecessors.

Scott reimagined signature motifs with fresh eyes and rejuvenated familiar styles. Jasmin Sparrow's new collection is called COCO, which offers a play into the contemporary-classic balance that is a hallmark of the brand's aesthetic. The collection has pieces that are bold and modern yet timeless, each imbued with the sentimental quality of a precious heirloom.

COCO encourages its wearers to experiment with dimension and asymmetric styles. The Coco earrings display this perfectly, with one side featuring shoulder-grazing pearls and the other side featuring a single sculptural drop.

The COCO collection uses 100 percent recycled silver and ethically-sourced stones along with Jasmin Sparrow's support for local artisans. This collection speaks tot he idea of longevity which has become a central tenet of the Jasmin Sparrow brand.

The Jasmin Sparrow Sentiments initiative is an online space that encourages the brand's community to consume more consciously. Jasmin Sparrow approaches sustainability in a multi-faceted way, and COCO is a beautiful culmination of the slow design philosophy that has driven Scott's work since the beginning.

The COCO collection is available online now and in selected stockists.