Moustache Republic is a new website design and development company focused on creating stunning eCommerce websites. Like most good entrepreneurial stories, it all started with a laptop, a lofty goal, and a broke IT student. In 2009, Tony Hou launched his first online shop selling shoes. He designed the website, built the eCommerce platform from scratch, imported the shoes, marketed on Google and social media, and started to get sales. He was hooked. “I found the eCommerce world endlessly fascinating. I realised there was nothing else I wanted to do. eCommerce became my thing,” said Hou. Five years later, Hou opened an eCommerce agency for fashion and lifestyle brands.

“When you think fashion, you think style, sophistication, innovation... But many fashion and lifestyle websites were clunky, slow, and dated. I embarked on a mission to help these brands create an online presence that matched their unique design philosophy and identity,” explained Hou. Moustache Republic has now partnered with Shopify and BigCommerce to make functional and impactful eCommerce websites available to businesses of all sizes, including start-ups. “Now everyone can afford a stylish online storefront.”
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