Anneke Stewart

Antlers purple gold white set


Anneke Stewart knows NZ Fashion Week thoroughly, having spent many years as the official backstage photographer at the event. Now her art is at the front of NZFW. Anneke has designed antlers to be on display around the NZFW space. Anneke works from her remote home in Hunters Hills, where there are plenty of naturally shed antlers to find and paint. Antlers are important to Anneke as icons of NZ's backbone industry and a nod to Stewart's upbringing on a deer farm in Canterbury, her father being the first to farm deer in Canterbury back in the 80's.The antlers also tell the story of that animals' existence, as they are shaped by the conflict the animal is involved in over the time of growth from the softer Velvet like state through to the hardened and weapon like horns.

As a contemporary artist Anneke is interested in found objects. Her art brings new life to things that are otherwise overlooked. The materials she uses to rediscover such objects vary and include gold leaf, acrylic and spray paint. Anneke likes to develop all aspects of her work.  Her career has a varied path as well and this has taken her all over the world; photographing major snowboarding events, planning high-end events in Sweden and flashing back stage at NZFW. Anneke is interested in portraying the language of the universe, its' resonance, and like her career path this is explored with colour and vibrancy. Being an artist can seem like a gift, it’s something that Anneke believes chose her and the inspiration she receives is similar. Her inspiration is moulded by the very energy she is trying to map through her creative expression, the energy of the present moment. Anneke’s work fits with NZFW because it reflects the now, as well as the shine of the event being in step with the bling of some of her artwork. After NZFW Anneke has an exhibition at LOT 23 in Auckland from November to December and here you can view the full capacity of her work.

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