Zhengjia Hu grew up in Shenzhen, China before she moved to the US to study when she was 17. Hu attended Pennsylvania State University studying Management as her major and Marketing as her minor. She transferred after her sophomore year to the University of Michigan where she finished her Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Her fashion journey began soon after when she pursued her love of fashion at Parsons in 2013. Hu has always been fond of the passion and power hidden inside the beauty of art. “I dreamed of having a career closely related to art. Since clothing is one of human’s basic needs, I think fashion design is closely related to our daily life,” Hu explained. “As a fashion designer, I enjoy the process of creating things that make our life better and happier, mentally or physically or both.”

Her label Jessture launched in November 2015 and at the time, Hu was hesitant, she didn’t want to start a company if she wasn’t 100 percent ready. “Then I realised, I would never be 100 percent ready because if I didn’t take the first step, I would never know what’s coming next.” Working as a designer at the time for another fashion house, Hu didn’t start working on her brand until late 2016 and her first finished collection was Spring/Summer 2017. Hu works with pattern and sample makers to create her collections. The brand’s name is a combination of her English name Jessica and the word ‘gesture’. “Gestures can deliver and communicate a person’s thoughts, emotions, feelings and many other messages,” she added. “And that is what I expect my brand to be. I hope it can be a media for the wearers to express their true selves, their personalities and styles.”

Her current focus is on building the brand’s image and increasing its exposure and recognition. “I am looking forward to some new collaborations and business opportunities.”

Last month, Hu showcased her designs at Vancouver Fashion Week. “Our emphasis was on the outwear for this season,” she said. “We are trying to maintain a minimalist mild tune, while adding some interesting and stylish elements and details on the designs.”